Thursday, September 1, 2011

City Sights – Hello Seattle

I love Seattle! I want to marry Seattle and have its little Seattle babies. The rain, the people, the tech, Pike Place Market, I really, really love Seattle. So it should surprise no one that I’ll try any game that includes the word ‘Seattle’. With City Sights-Hello Seattle I get to have Seattle, hidden objects AND I get to pretend I’m a professional writer. I love ‘writer’ games and have bought several. Win, win, win!

The game begins with an assignment from your editor, something that makes me giddy in a ‘going to a magnet school where everyone else loves computers and I’m no longer the freak who sits in the back’ kind of way, then it’s off to Seattle! Can you have a love affair with Seattle if you don’t love coffee though? Must do more research…

The hidden objects are in locations all over the city and you get to explore those locations while you look, the catch being that you are timed and there are certain conditions to the search. One of my favorite parts of the game is at the end of each level you get an award. I love getting awards and adore the sheer narcissism of lining my virtual walls with them. Bring on the awards, I’m awesome! The music seems to agree, it’s peppy in a kind of 70’s movie vibe, weird but good. Also like Seattle.

When you finish each location you are treated with some fun facts about that location, I’ve actually learned a great deal about Seattle from this game, allowing me to fall deeper and deeper in love with the city. Really Seattle, I think you are gorgeous and we could really have something, Call me! 

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